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 VectorDraw Developer Framework Add vector graphics in your application   

VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) is an easy to program SDK component that every developer need to easily create and manage and print 2D and 3D drawings in his applications. Its objects expose methods and properties that are compatible with most common vector formats and other CAD objects. Supports over 10 vector formats and many raster formats and has the ability to export drawings to PDF.  It is fully object oriented (OOP) .NET 2 ready and includes ActiveX component.

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Native PDF export capability

Why Choose VectorDraw

  VDF libraries for Windows CE development are now available

  C# project (source code) CAD Editor   VectorCADEx Sample 

VectorCADEx (vdfCAD) is a professional drawing CAD editor with source code available, written in C# 2005 that uses VDF libraries version 6009 and above. This makes VectorCADEx an excellent base platform that can be easy tailored by the developer to suit his needs. It can be localized in any language and can have add-ons made by the developer. 

The source code is provided for free to all the VDF subscribers and can be used as a "base project" so the developer can add new features and utilities. 

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 Custom Developing   Use our knowledge and resources


VectorDraw Custom Developing service is a service provided to our customers that use the VectorDraw Developers Framework. Programmers can use our experience and resources in order to add to your projects custom functionality designed and build specially for you and for your customers' needs.


Conversion of drawing vector files   File Converter 

VectorDraw File Converter is an end-user application utility that gives you the ability to convert the most commonly used drawing documents (.DWG, .DGN and .DXF files) to the new VectorDraw format standards (VDML, VDCL) and vice versa. The utility exports the above files to PDF, SVG and .DWF file formats. VectorDraw File Converter can also undertake multiple file conversions (e.g. *.dwg to *.vdf or *.dxf and vise versa).

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Native PDF export capability

 Available in current version
  Linetypes in 3D render modes
  Convex Hull of points collection
  Grayscale in rendering and print out
  Lightning smoothness of polyfaces
  EdgeColor override of polyfaces
 Currently under R&D
  Exporting drawing elements for SilverLight and WPF
  vdGroundSurface object new ability to exclude areas
  Photorealistic (ray tracing) export of VDF documents
  Grouping of vdLayers


 Latest News

VectorDraw Developer Framework award winner 2010-2011


VectorDraw Ray Tracing (vdRay) add-on and VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) build 6024 Beta1 (ver 6.6024.0.1, build date 18-Sep-2012) and VDF for CE is available.
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VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) build 6023 Release (ver 6.6023.1.0, build date 07-Aug-2012) and VDF for CE is available.
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New web sample with VDF 6.x Wrapper is available.


VectorCADEx (vdfCAD) C# sample is available. It is a new CAD editor and includes the C# project (source code)


 Custom Developing service is available from our team.


 Interesting Articles       F.A.Q.

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AlignToView and AlignToViewSize properties


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Creating CAB and internationalization


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 Globalization of Resources


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