VectorCADEx CAD Editor
Sample in C# 2005


VectorCADEx (vdfCAD) is a professional CAD editor written in C# 2005 that uses VDF libraries version 6009 and above and is a general purpose CAD editor. The source code is provided for free to all the VDF subscribers and can be used as a "base project" that developers can use to add extra features and utilities that they need. So programmers can add functions and menus/toolbars buttons easily to implement their application's needs in the VectorCADEx platform. It can be also localized in any language and developers can implement its own commands and add-ons. Also in this project, developers can find useful implementations of utilities and functions that can help them with their application. This sample is not supported but VDF subscribers are free to ask any question and if it is possible we will provide help.

This sample will also be available in our VDF evaluation setup only as an executable, with no source code.

VectorCADEx sample download


Some screenshots of the VectorCADEx CAD Editor (click to enlarge)