VectorDraw Drawing Engine
format capabilities

Current version 6


Supported Formats

VectorDraw supports these vector files and raster formats from import and export : .DWG, .DXF, .DGN, .WMF, .EMF, .SHX, .VDML, .VDCL, .VDF, .VDI, .BMP, .JPG, .TIFF, .GIF, .PNG, .TGA. These formats are also support but for export only :  .PDF, .DWF, .SVG, .HPGL


Basic Format capabilities of VDF engine

2D Drawings    3D Drawings
Layers   Layouts and Viewports
Text styles (.SHX, .TTF)   Clipping Sections
Blocks, Inserts and Attributes   Render, Hide and Shade
Print, Print Preview and multiple page print jobs   Materials
Unlimited Undo   Lights
Line types (LineType object) and custom LineTypes   MultiText and simple Text objects
Support WMF, EMF formats   Real transformations with vdMatrix object
Images (BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPG, PNG, TGA)   Linear and Angular units
Hyperlinks and Tooltips   Hatching
Asynchronous opening   External Reference Drawings
Extended Data (XProperties)   3D Orbit
Zoom and Pan   3D Views
Filter object   UCS
Built in formats (VDML, VDCL)   Custom Objects and Custom Actions
Image Definition Object   TrueColor Support
Native .DXF Import/Export   Native Export to .PDF and .SVG
Ability to merge the XREF's (external references) entities and its dependent symbols as part of the current drawing.
Asymmetrical tolerances in dimensions and more Dimension Overwrite values and formatted dimension texts.
Hatch Pattern object with new Hatch dialog for the predefined hatch patterns.
Exported constants values for easier management of Vectordraw objects and programming.
Supported .DWG/.DXF files up to version 2010, .DGN files version 8, .DWF files (using the VectorDraw File Converter utility)

Primitive Drawing Entities

Arc   3DFace
Attributes   PolyFace
Circle   PolyHatch
Dimension   Viewport
Ellipse   Image
Insert   Line
Point   PolyLine
Rectangle   GroundSurface
Custom Objects   Text & MultiText
Group Objects   Leader
Construction Lines    

3D capabilities

  Rendering types : Wire 2D, Wire 3D, Hide, Shade, Shade On, Render (applying materials, transparency & lights)
   Views : Perspective, Orthogonal
   Other : Lights, 3D section clipping, Transparency, Multi User coordinate system