Corporate Information

Who Are We
Founded in 1998, VectorDraw Corporation is a software community of expert professionals whose main devotion for the new technology guided them to the establishment of the company. Up to date, over 700 software houses trust our products and it is our engine that make us so reliable among software developers.

What We Do
We have the experience and the technological know-how to develop tools that could bring the cutting edge to what you are looking for in the Vector Graphics. All our development tools use the same engine, which our Research & Development team is consistently revising, in order to meet your expectations and needs.

VectorDraw is a customer oriented company and we take pride in our responsiveness to customer remarks. We have developed a wish list, where you could comment, ask and even suggest technical information that you desire our products would have. Technical Support, is what you repeatedly ask for and this is what we deliver.

Services and custom work
You can use our experience and resources in order to add to your project(s) functionality designed and build specially for you and for your customers needs. These extra is offered to our customers after further communication. If you have such requests then contact us to discuss further.

Mission Statement
VectorDraw's goal is to meet the ever-changing needs of the graphics application developer. Our customers have been successful through our service, quality and innovation.

Main Office

VectorDraw Software Corporation,
11 Kyrillou-Methodiou Street,
Glyfada, 16561,
Athens, Greece.

General Information Sales and Marketing
Phone  + 30 210 9739 781
Fax  + 30 210 9739 159
Technical Support

VectorDraw personnel is available from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (11 - 19 CET), Monday to Friday.

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